Monday, August 25, 2008

Coming back is hard to do

Late summer is generally a time of family vacations and trips and online game time isn't all that prioritized. With my week off of WoW due to a business trip (I tend not to play on the road, as I prefer to go exploring), coming back to WoW was pretty hard to do, especially in the arena. Forgetting to cyclone, eating mana burns and other crap reminded me that to play at a higher level, you've got to be on the ball with your 'A' game.

That being said, I'm looking foward to relearning some of the patterns/habits that i've lost, and to keep things in mind, here's some that I should try to remember:

  • Faerie Fire (rank 1) more. Rogues, druids, mages, shamans, their mothers, firstborns, etc
  • DPS more. If specced dreamstate, use that MF/IS.
  • Offensive cyclone more
  • Pre-hot more


  • Deny charge with Ice Lance. Especially after 2-3 polys
  • Face away from pillars when spidersense tells you that intercept is coming
  • Juke pummels/kicks with poly more.
  • Frostbolt (rank 1) more.
  • Amp/Damp magic appropriately
  • Watch opponent buffs more. Casting into fully prehotted druids is stupid.
  • PoMPyro retarded people more. Laugh at their dead, unreleased corpses. /spit liberally.


Zupa said...

Please explain "deny charge with ice lance"

This sounds like something I want to be doing.

Also like the tip about facing away from the pillars. 2 foot blinks FTL.

Basil said...

"Deny charge with ice lance" means hitting the warrior with an ice lance before they can charge.

Remember, they need to be out of combat to use charge. Tag 'em with ice lance, now they're in combat. No charge.

And yeah... that pillar thing... single handedly lost a match because of that.