Thursday, September 18, 2008


With the realization that I wasn't spending any time developing skills/strategies and great sadness (actually not too much, really), I finally waved goodbye to my Mage. He's not gone for good, but in terms of priorities, he's definitely fallen off of the totem pole. Any character that I can just let go without gaining even a smidgen of Arena points on Monday night probably, just probably, isn't on my 'important' list. As such, he's been backburner'd.. Amani War Bear and all... and I spent 10,000 gold on that furry beast of burden!

Apologies for all you Mage readers out there (all 1? 2? LOL), but my days as a Mage have faded into the setting sun (which, incidentally takes 5 seconds to fully fade away)

I have started devoting some time to a Priest alt, with the intention of speccing as another PvP healer. I'm level 58 already, specced shadow and have every intention of leveling to 70 prior to the release of WotLK. Priest and Druid PvP capabilities are surprisingly similar, as they both function primarily through instant spells, however where a Druid directs the flow of the battle through crowd control and distance, a Priest excels through dispels, Mana Burn, and capitalizing on poor positioning (Psychic Scream).

We'll explore (as I level up on 'off' days) Priest-ly issues and tactics in PvP, hopefully to a high level.

Who knows, I may not have enough time/energy to really learn 2 classes to the level I want to play a. Buuuut, just to be on the safe side, in the event that Druids get nerfed to hell , I'll have a back up healer to melt the mana pools of bad casters everywhere.


Sonny said...

Whoazer! I just abandoned my mage for a priest alt. I look forward to reading your experiences.

Anonymous said...

I call dibs on your 2v2 team.