Thursday, September 11, 2008

PvE to PvP

Blizzard today announced that they've finally lifted their previous restrictions of character transfers from PvE to PvP servers.

This a great thing as I have 2 woefully unused Alliance characters stuck on a PvE server that have been collecting dust, and I'd love to xfer them to a PvP server and join in on the royal rumble with WotLK. I've long been disenfranchised with the easygoing attitude of a PvE server, and enamored with the rush of World PvP. Take my herb, will you? Eat a PoM Pyro, b!#*@. Even if I get smeared across that road between Tarren Mill and Southshore, there's a good chance that my guild/faction will be there in a few minutes to paint the town red. That's just how we roll, homeslice.

However, I am a bit wary about the effects of lifting such a rule, more from a technical standpoint than a gameplay enjoyment perspective. You see, for the past few years, there has been an interesting phenomena where many of the top Raiding and PvP guilds have been on PvP servers. For example, Mal'ganis has been a raiding hotbed, with a very large number of endgame raiding guilds. Tichondrius has been the PvP breeding pit, where many top teams from the various battlegroup have made their new home. I believe Moon Guard is one of the biggest RP servers for some reason or another ((am I right?)).

For each player seeking the 'ultimate' experience in whatever aspect of the game they chose to pursue, those servers became somewhat of a 'solution' to their need, a Mecca, if you will. For those already on PvP servers, the transfer was simple. However, those with careers on PvE servers, this meant rerolling, which, for some, was not an option due to a variety of reasons (sentimental value, leveling is too difficult, gear grind, etc). As such, as time progressed, PvE server guilds often had a difficult time finding suitible raiders or PvP partners, often resorting to searching 'off server' to fill their needs or poaching from smaller, less accomplished guilds.

With this change, I am definitely interested in the number of transfers from PvE servers to PvP servers, especially to these servers that are already at capacity and are already at risk of having a queue each night to log in. Server stability is definitely an issue, and I can't imagine the long time denizens of one of these Capacity servers appreciating the increased strain on their eHome away from Home. In addition, I'm curious to see how some PvE servers will react when entire end game guilds transfer off. I've personally been on servers where there's a good chance at any given time that you're one of 10 people of your faction in Shattrah, and it's truly a miserable experience.


isheepthings said...

I'm really eager to see how many people actually take advantage of this. And on top of that, what was there real reason for wanting to move? Is it to PvP or simply join friends?

ArmsandFury said...

I want to know how much Blizz will make when a toon goes from PvE to getting his butt handed to him to PvP and then transfers back to PvP... evil geniuses >.<

I think some will want to join friends and others may want to join top end raidiing guilds.

Chu said...

@AnF: The actual amount of World PvP on a PvP server is pretty darn tiny, unless youre out looking for it. However, I'm curious to see if the 'extremely PvP adverse' will go running with their tails between their legs.

Would be an easy 50$ for Bliz...

ArmsandFury said...

Well, I would say you are right about the little world PvP on average.

However, most I am thinking of is existing level 70s not thinking about the daily gatherings at the Isle o G dailies.

The gankfests there are legendary on Lightninghoof lately. I wonder how they would like struggling to do their dailies?

Not to mention, when Wrath opens even with 2 starting zones... I know I am gonna see Alliance toons I have a chubby for and it will be ON!