Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rogue/Mage Day 1

A rogue buddy and I gave Mage/Rogue a try last night after my War/Dru team cranked ourselves up closer to 1900. Anyways, Mage/Rogue games usually go pretty fast, and as PomPyro, they go even quicker. No Ice Barrier, Frostbite, or second Ice Block means that a lucky imp hamstring proc or a lucky mace stun means that I need to pop cooldowns to survive. It's absolutely insane how quickly a mace warrior with some lucky RNG can hose a clothy. However, whenever our target is locked down by the rogue and I'm able to get away to some degree, shit dies. I think I solo'd a druid after my rogue died with the 'ungody chain of pain' and some lucky impact procs. Impact procs are like tasty macestuns, but from range.

We have yet to hit 1700 because I'm pretty bad at my mage, positioning wise, and because my teammate isnt used to running with a mage. Rupture/Garrote on the warrior when we're aiming to eventually poly him after we pull the druid out through pressure means we're eating alot more damage than we need to. I also Ice Block waaaaay too late and forget to cone of slow.

It's okay.

We'll learn.

It was fun to see the different reactions of the various healers when they realize that any target below 50% is a legit target for a 1GCD kill. Some healers just ran around the pillars, some played aggressive and tried to add dps, and some overhealed like crazy. One druid spent most of his mana bar keeping 4 hots on himselves while shifting and running around the pillar while I chain cc'd his warrior. I honestly think that the psychological pressure that a Pom mage exerts is far more than our frost buddies, because the elemental is a dead giveaway of a dps push.

All that being said, I'm going to give frost another try if we run into way too many lucky war/dru teams that can imp hamstring and mace stun on command. I'm going to be SO happy when the patch that nerfs macestun comes.


Hear that mace warriors? That's the nerf train a-comin'!


Zupa said...

Well BT got in the way of my respec plans last night, but as I am starting to do every friday, I will respec PvP for the weekend.

I'm really looking forward to some PoM Pyros and impacts and other general arcane fire sillyness, including the sheep, ap fireball, pom pyro, fireblast, dragon's breath, blastwave, fireblast combo of smackdownage.

I wonder if me and the pally will get anywhere in 2s...

I have more hope for me, the druid and the hunter in 3s. Hope to get 1650 this weekend and buy some guardian shizzles

YaY for PvP mage blogs. There should be more.

Zupa said...

request from your fellow blogger:

link to your armory please so I can see your spec and stuff !


- Zupa

Chu said...


Thanks for reading!