Friday, October 17, 2008

Moving! Shadow Priest: 3 hours /played at 70

We've moved! Well.. my characters have, at least. As of this morning, both of my active 70s are now on Kel'Thuzad. Archimonde wasn't a bad server at all, but the PvP population was pretty tiny and I missed the sheer amount of activity that one gets with a larger server, a la my first PvP server: Mannoroth. I haven't decided on the new names, as I always create a lvl 1 char with the to-be-transferred character's name on the new server to give myself the opportunity to rename if needed, but I'll update the links to the right once I do make that decision. I'll probably stick to Moochu (Druid) and Ruckuz (Priest). Point of note: Ruckuz was my Mage's name, hence the blog title.

I (and my friends who also transferred over) are now actively looking for a guild that is planning on completing 10 man content, some 25 man content, and doesn't mind PvPers clogging up their ranks. If anyone has any recommendations, please feel free to comment!


About a week ago, I hit 70 on my Priest, marking it as my 5th 70. For those keeping track, that's (in order): Rogue, Warrior(first to 60), Druid, Mage, Priest. If I could multibox, I'd have a pretty solid 5v5 team. Of course that'd be on paper; multi tasking on one character is bad enough.

With the arrival of the big seven-oh, there was much splurging on following purchases (all craftable items crafted):
  • Epic Flying Mount + Skill
  • Bringer of Death (LOL): +40 spellpower enchant
  • Rep Satin Helm: Powerful Earthstorm Diamond, Runed Living Ruby
  • Rep Satin Chest: +15 Resilience Chest, 3x Runed Living Ruby
  • Frozen Shadowweave Shoulders: Honored Scryer Enchant, 2x Runed Living Ruby
  • Frozen Shadowweave Boots: Boar's Speed, Runed Living Ruby, Steady Talasite
  • Battlecast Pants: Runic Spellthread
  • Unyielding Girdle: Steady Talasite, Solid Star
  • Bracers of Nimble Thought: +15 Spellpower
  • Level 69 Cloak of the Sorcerer: +20 Spell Penetration
  • Scryer Rep Items for Scryer's Bloodgem
  • Medallion of the Horde with +20 Resilience
Total cost? ~9k gold. Might as well spend it before inflation sets in, right?

So, with some ridiculously bad gear,~9k health buffed, ~130 Resilience and 675 Spellpower, we headed to the Arenas.

Oh, and lest I forget to mention, in the mad rush to buy buy buy, I neglected to train my level 70 spells. So, that means no Mass Dispel, no Prayer of Mending, no blah blah blah... Pro, right?

I can't say that going 8-3 in the 1500 2v2 bracket justifies me as amazing, because lets face it, I'm not. BUT, it's the 1500s, and the fact that we were beating full S2/S3 players and winning games we shouldn't have won (hai Lock/Dru, wtf were you doing?) says something: my near full brutal rogue buddy shouldn't be in the 1500s. There's something hilarious about Shadow Word: Death'ing someone for pitiful amounts of damage only to realize that you just broke a sheep doing so, or realizing that you have Shadowfiend while you're drinking behind a pillar. Again, very very Pro.

The theory behind acquiring this gear as opposed to running instances to obtain rep to buy the entire rep satin set and getting the Unyielding set to max out resilience/stam, is that while the rep satin set does have survivability, it has next to no spellpower. While I could have possibly tanked that full S3 rogue for a few seconds longer with some more resilience, sub 500 spellpower is largely a joke. At least with a couple hundred spellpower more, my attacks would actually be reasonably threatening.

Did it work?

Well, our sample size of games (11) is relatively meager, but my damage definitely helped my teammate nuke down one target, even if I was slated to die shortly before/after. Since he outgears pretty much anyone we're fighting, a 1v1 situation usually turned out in our favor, especially if I was able to get a dot on the second target after blind was used. As such, I definitely think it was the right thing to do. BG's is a similar story. With the crazy damage being spread about now, any clothie's life expectancy is zilch and putting out some dots to help swing a battle is about the only good I can do. My next goal, as I slowly acquire Honor and Arena points (to help with leveling), is to give Disc healing a shot and to do a write up on deep Resto impressions in BG's in the arena. More to come!


Sonny said...

Yes yes, try Disc and write about it! Give Wonzy some tips.

Sorry my gear guide was a bit of a letdown, but I do like that belt!

Lol at not training spells. Wonzy used his free point reset to test Shadow and I spent about 5 minutes in Feralas trying to kill things with Mind Flay (Rank 1). Worse still is that I kept OOMing from the downranking nerf!

Chu said...

No worries! It was definitely nice to use as a base guide to figure out how I could quickly get gear. If I were on a long term plan (spending honor instead of hoarding it), then I would have gone that route.