Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Out Of PvP Blogs

It's always interesting for me to hear another's' take on PvP, as tales of getting chain ganked and stories of getting 2 shot are often told with vile revulsion and bitter complaints. Me, I like to bathe in the [Tears of Epic QQ], but eventually even that get's pretty old and worn out. As such, it's quite rare to find a well written blog that contains some positive reflections on WoW PvP.

Sadly, Out Of Mana, shut down yesterday and the number of PvP friendly blogs with wit and tasteful potty language has been reduced by one. Megan has been on my blogroll for quite some time and I wish her the best, because it seems as though she's taken a step back from tunnelvisioning WoW to see what she could be missing out there in the world of RL.

... and the world can always use less tunnelvisioning

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