Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sometimes You Just Know

Sometimes, when you're in a pressure situation, your game elevates with the stress of the situation and when things click, you just know that you did something right.

On my day off, I randomly did some 2's games as Rogue/Shadow Priest, with myself as the Shadow Priest. Games were fast and high pressure, rarely lasting longer than 2 minutes. The beauty of it all, was that, having not played as Shadow in the Arena for any appreciable amount of time, we were able to pull out trinkets and defensive CD's to force kills, usually by the second fear or silence. In no time, we were beating 2k MMR teams (not that it's a huge deal, but.. you know.. just sayin')

It just feels good when you figure out the steps to beating an opposing comp and you know that for the most part, success is just execution.

Oh, by the by: 2nd run ever on my Druid in H. Pit of Saron and 2 Battered Hilts dropped. Guess who won one?

Thats right, the Feral with the il200 gear.

Maybe it will bump my DPS from 'terribad' to 'scrub'.

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