Monday, September 29, 2008

(Boxer) Brief* Update

Work's been kicking my ass lately, so here's just a brief update as to what's been happening.

Priest is up to 63.5 and still on rest XP, which is good because I'll be damned if I have to grind quests and mobs without any bonus effect. It's THAT painful.

Shadow Word: Death is amazing. Ninja SW:D'ing other people's mobs to get Spirit Tap is awesome, especially if you're low on Mana. My mana issues are better now that I'm avoiding Shadow Word: Pain and Devouring Plague like the.. plague... um.. yeah.

There's been some talk about the new Lifebloom nerf. While I'm extremely against it, because my main is a Druid and rolling hots is what we do, the mana inefficiency of it all makes it very unattractive and as such it may be considered a waste of a GCD. Beta Druids at 80 in starter PvP gear report a marginally larger mana pool. As such, efficiency is key, as mana costs for new spell ranks have scaled higher than the mana pool can support.

Does this mean that PvE gear will be near required to accomodate the change in mana cost? Personally, I hope not, but if certain stats are only available via PvE gear because they're not budgeted for Resilience, I will not be a happy camper, regardless of class.

And Blizzard, ffs, move Judgements of the Wise to the lvl 51 Ret talent. There's no reason why Holy Paladins should have infinite mana, even in PvE.

*There should be a worldwide ban on Briefs. The question should be, "Boxers or Boxer Briefs?" There is NO counterargument. Do not even try.

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