Thursday, September 25, 2008

So Fresh and so Clean Clean.

Work's been ridiculously busy these past few days, but I've had the pleasure of having a little bit of extra time to level my alt Priest. We're now close to 62 and riding the rest xp bandwagon as much as we can, with plans of hitting Zangarmarsh mid 62. There's really no rush with the recent announcement that Honor and Arena points and all Marks of Honor will be wiped clean with the expansion.

From a pragmatist's point of view, I can't say I disagree with Blizzard's decision with the currency reset, because an even starting point is a great way to have a serious resetart, and what better time to restart or revamp a new arena season than with the expansion? However, from the point of view of a person who doesn't really enjoy Battlegrounds when their Battlegroup has an overwhelming number of stupids, grinding out the immense amount of honor needed to stay competitive is already overwhelming.

That being said, some friends decided that Stormstrike was devoid of all pseudocapable Horde and have sampled the waters of Nightfall. As such, we may be transferring there (probably to Kel'thuzad), especially now that my 75k honor and 100 WSG/AB/AV/EOTS marks are utter trash. Sure, I could spend them on some new gear that they're releasing for people spend their hard earned honor/marks on, but honestly? If it's going to be replaced by 80, what's the point? If anything, I'll use those resources buying some feral gear and testing out the new lolferal changes with 3.0.2... Or flesh out my Boomkin set and run around nuking people while dancing like Chris Farley.

Anyways, we're looking forward to Shadow Word: Death at level 62. The mana efficiency will be nice, as VT>SW:P>MB>MF>MF is a ridiculous mana sink. We actually ran around killing level 60-61 Alliance a few days ago, which resulted in someone calling in a lvl 65 Warrior. He killed me quick while the 61 Paladin that I ganked 3 times /lol'd at me. The funny thing about it all is that when people can't fight on even ground and feel the need to 'one up' me, it only prompts escalation... which, of course, led to a lvl 70 Druid killing every damn Alliance lowbie in HFP. Moonfire FTW! The poorly geared 70 Rogue that the 65 Warrior swapped to tried to protect the lowbies in the zone, but lets be realistic here: if you're going to world PvP in Outlands, your crappy slow flying mount isn't going to let you respond with any sort of expediency...

We are definitely going to love the world PvP in Northrend.


Scaith said...

" VT>SW:P>MB>MF>MF is a ridiculous mana sink..."

Well there's your problem. Just Shield>VT> and Flay away. SW:P is useless since the mob usually dies before the 3rd tick gets off, MB is just a huge mana sink and half of the damage SW:D does goes to waste if you kill the target. MF is the most mana efficient spell we have. Just spam that shit.

Chu said...

You're absolutely right.. SW:P/MB is a huge mana sink. I'll have to try that. I really like the amount of burst a SPriest can put out, but whenever I pull more than 1 mob, it seems as though my shield is pretty fragile and flay just isnt an option