Monday, January 12, 2009

Gone Hoggin...

For a mere 15k gold (average price, give or take some depending on server pricing), you can own your very own eHarley: the Mechano-Hog or a Mekgineer's Chopper. By the numbers, these fantasy world cycles are essentially Engineering specific ground mounts, and they're BoE so anyone can have one. Another mount. Big deal, right?

Ah, but it's oh so much more than that.

See, unless Blizz changes these cycles, they're actually vehicles. Not a mounts.

Vehicles =/= Mounts.

The difference?

For one thing, a vehicle has Hit Points. So when you jump off a cliff or fall off Dalaran (who would do such a thing?!) the vehicle takes damage, not you. If you've ever jumped off a cliff while riding your mount, you'll notice that your faithful steed disappears upon impact if you've fallen a great distance. You'll also notice that you're probably dead and running back in spirit form.

Secondly, its nearly impossible to target the player driving the vehicle.

Thirdly, the vehicle is immune to almost all cc's and snares. Frost Nova, Sap, Crippling Poison, Hamstring all fail on this amazing piece of equipment.

Lastly, it can be used in the Arena.

By now, the little gears in your head should probably be whirring faster and faster, with the thought process going something like this:

"So basically, its a mount that I can use in the arena, will protect me from many forms of cc/snares, will protect me from damage until it's HP is reduced to zero, and it lets me kite people until I choose to get off and fight?"

Yeah, basically.

In one of our matches this weekend on the RoL map, the combat went like this:

I started this match on my Hawg and waited in the starting cubby for the go ahead to come out. As we only saw a Priest, we assumed Rogue/Priest and shortly after mounting up, I got Sapped. In response, I simply drove off. Mr. Rogue then tried to Cheap Shot me (still driving), Sprint to catch up (driving in circles around the Tomb at this point), Vanish and Cheap Shot again, (still driving). At this point, I got feared by the Priest and the Rogue was trying to get to me while being Chains of Ice'd by my DK buddy. Fear wore off and I drove all the way back to my starting cubby. The rogue, at this point, burned Prep to Vanish once again, to peel my DK buddy off his Priest, which in turn got me to come out to start healing. The opposing Priest was able to get a bit of distance from the DK as I couldn't dispel Crippling while he could dispel Chains of Ice and the Rogue turned to try to pressure me. Instead of using Sprint again, he popped Nitro Boosts... which saw me popping Nitro Boosts as well. I think I did 2 laps around the Tomb before he Stealthed and caught me (I should have used SW:Pain to tag him, but by then, his Priest was dead and he was quickly Death Gripped into a couple of RNG Death and Decay glyph fears.

The MVP for our run to Deadly boots?


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