Friday, January 9, 2009

IIIII'm Fifty!

Molly Shannon used to do this skit on SNL where she played a middle aged woman who would proclaim at various intervals "IIIII'm fifty!" while jumping around, doing splits, lunges and showing a lot of moose knuckle. Yeah, you probably tuned out that crazy amount of knuckle-age as did I, but a recent viewing of a Youtube clip made me do a deja vu shudder.


Anyways, this is post number fifty since I started the blog, and while fifty posts may not be anything phenomenal, seeing as though we have some hyper prolific writers out there with more posts in a single day than I'll generate in a week, to me, it seems like somewhat of a milestone. If only Blizzard gave out Proto Drakes for this literary Achievement...

I'd like to thank our readers for commenting on our posts, as they often give us more inspiration and insight to the various topics I post about. I've tried to keep the quality of writing up, and at the same time, tried to add a little bit of humor here and there. Hopefully, it's working, because I've enjoyed the challenge.

There have been some thoughts about trying harder to become a WoW blog for the masses, a la BRK or World of Matticus, and for a while I did try to get on people's blogrolls via commenting and such. At the same time there were also some thoughts about getting a co/guest writer to help broaden the scope of what I like to post about. However, I truly think that our style of writing is a bit different from the other mainstream WoW blogs out and that many of the people reading and posting commentary on those blogs wouldn't enjoy our content. I also like being in control of what's posted under our header, so for the forseeable future, its just you, me and my sultry words of bromance.

All that being said, thanks, again, for swinging by!

Chu has earned the Achievement [50 Posts]!


Hans said...

Couple things sir.

1) You're speaking of yourself as a we. I only know one chu.

2) You made a post about posting.

3) Hog me. Check your mail.

Chu said...

1. It's the royal 'we'.

2. Yes, I realize that.

3. Would you go hogging in a box? Would you go hoggin with a fox?

krizzlybear said...

Woo! hawaii 5-0!! grats grats! here's to 50 more! and a hundred more after that!

Anonymous said...

Grats on the big 50!