Monday, January 26, 2009

Green Grass

The old saying goes, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." and for those who have genetically inhibited higher thought functions, this particular saying is used to identify people who aren't satisfied with their own situation; they think others have it better.

I've used the short form of this saying, "The grass is always greener..." in reference to several situations in WoW, and here's that short list of grievances where I'd call out some major QQ.

  • Alliance always win BG's. I bet that if I rerolled Alliance, I'd win!
  • I can't break out of the 1700's because I'm a (insert race here). If I were a (insert other race here), I'd be rated over 2k!
  • My guild sucks! I bet that if I joined another guild, I'd get that weapon off of 25KT next week!

Just a few points of note, to set the record straight:

  • If you're solo queueing for BG's, thank the stars if you have a 50% win rate, regardless of your faction. There are idiots abound on both sides of the faction coin.
  • If you can't break the 1700's because you don't have a specific racial ability, your skill may be lacking far more than your racial abilities.
  • If you think that joining another guild will let you have instant access to top gear without putting in a massive amount of effort to get in the good graces of your new eFamily, think again.

Usually, I'm the guy who calls people out for excessive QQ'ing (aka, being a whiny bitch), but, last night I had a major bout of QQ. My Priest's 2's partner (a DK) and I went 1-6 earlier that day and due to the new match up system, ran in to 1900+ teams all day. We ended up only 17 points down from where we started, which means all of our losses were single digit losses, BUT, its the losses that hurt. Why? Because every dps/healer team we fought had a Paladin as the healer.

The ability to crank out insane heals from using PvE gear and gem for mana instead of stam/resil all because they wear plate and because they can go immune is just beyond my partner and I's skills to cope. The additional fact that they can spec for an additional instant ranged cc (Repentance) that's not on DR with their primary CC (HoJ) is just ridiculous. My clothy butt has to manage mana, pre-heal myself with several instants to just survive a single Kidney Shot and tank damage because I have no way to remove snares.

See? I've started QQing again.

I toyed around with a level 7 Paladin and killed exactly one Springpaw Cub before I logged off that Blood Elf Goku twin and back onto the Priest.

In this case, the grass is definitely greener. If Holy Paladins were grass, they'd actually be so effing lush, smell so crisp, and be so god damned green that Kermit the Frog could drape his naked butt all over it like some sick Muppet porn and no one would notice anything. It's like the dev's poured Scott's Turf Builder all over the Paladins and created the perfect healing class for today's sick burst and low survivability environment.

But, I digress.

I'm going to stick with the Priest and the Druid (talk about another gimp healing PvP class) for now because I can't level another character to 80.

It would literally kill me.

At least until my Asian Power Leveling Racial Ability comes off of its 6 month cooldown.


Debonair said...

So, you gonna level a pally next?

Chu said...


Sticking with the Priest and the Druid.

Unless Blizz shows no signs of helping either class.