Friday, January 30, 2009


Why is there no epic crafted spellpower sword or dagger?

Because of this, my 'I have a family so I can't do Naxx' Warlock PvP buddy (who I plan to do 2's with on my Druid) has to run Heroic Occulus for a shot at a decent ilvl 200 weapon.

I hate Heroic Occulus with a severe passion.





xabbott said...

Because Kirin Tor rep gives you a really good dagger? Then you get the badge off hand...

It would actually be easier to pug Naxx10 spider wing for Farelina's blade than run heroic oc. Less time too.

Chu said...

Sadly, the same guy who doesn't have time to farm PvE gear (Naxx takes forever to even get off the ground sometimes) also doesnt have time to grind rep via heroics as he has to be able to go afk for various periods of time.

Every class out there has a decent craftable BoE epic except Warlocks and Mages.