Friday, May 29, 2009

Loltrains and 3v3 First Impressions

While getting in games last night to grind our 3v3 team up in rating (a.k.a.: QQueueing), we fought 2 predominant team compositions across the MMR spectrum from 2k MMR to 1300 MMR. Some we won, some we lost. In all, it was an incredibly angsty time with lots of heavy sighing.

That's MatchMaking Rating for you not in the 'know'.

The 2 teams were:

1) C
leave (2 melee, 1 healer)
2) RMP (Rogue, Mage, Priest)

We play Death Knight, Warlock, Resto Druid and games usually went like this:

Melee brings the pain train on Warlock or Pet
Warlock Dies
Game Over


Rogue opens on Warlock or Tree Druid
RMP forces either Barkskin or NS on Warlock
RMP reopens on Druid before Barkskin comes back up
Druid Dies
Game Over

The only time we were able to pull off wins was when I (Druid) was able to rotate cc's on both melee, but if my cc chain was interrupted, either I'd blow up post Barkskin, or the Warlock would be nuked something fierce.

I know we're definitely playing the comp wrong, but when the strategy in 3v3 is simpler than anything we'd try to pull off in 2v2, i.e.: train1 target until it blows up, there's something very, very wrong with the game design.

There's much work to be done in this here bracket, y'all, and come hell or high water, we're gonna git 'r done.


euripedes said...

Hah! QQueueing. I can't believe I've never thought of that before.

I'm not really surprised at how popular RMP teams are. Not only is it a powerful comp, but it's really fun to play and very difficult for a a team sporting a Death Knight to fight.

As you've noticed, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

You did not describe your teams gear. If you are subpar geared of course you blow up. Why is the DK not DG/chain peel things off you? Why is the warlock not Fearing bombing things off you? If warlock is target why are you and the DK not saving him as well? I run a cleave team - your comp is strong when geared and played correctly.

Chu said...

Mostly Deadly/Furious Offset pieces, Some Furious/Deadly and Hateful set pieces. We're usually over 800 resil.

Cleave teams with dispels and/or ways to avoid magic based snares turn the lock teams' healer into a healbot. I essentially run myself oom because we're on the defensive all the time due to the Lock or Lock's pet having no escape options.

Optimally, our best hope is for me to chain cc the melee while keeping full hots on the lock + pet at the beginning AND while the lock saves his teleport for when I'm cc'd and he needs to get away.

Unfortunately, Deathgrip as your only peel vs a Rogue, Ret, Opposing DK or Warrior these days just isn't a solution, unless their cooldowns are already burned.