Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Druid Cat Forms - Answered Prayers!

A few posts ago, when the new Druid Bear forms were exhibited, I humbly made this request to Blizzard:

To the Blizzard artists who are in charge of creating the various Tauren Cat Forms: Please change the Tauren Cat Form face. It has the same face as the flight point Windriders and looks flat out downsy. It's a wonder that I can sneak up on people in my tard-lion form without them hearing me mouthbreath across the Arena.
My prayers have been answered!

The new Tauren Druid Cat forms are amazing! They're sleek looking with Tauren-esque horns and murderous looking eyes. This is a far, far cry from the current Cat Form design, which essentially looks like the lion example from National Geographic's little known series, "Inbreeding in the Animal Kingdom."

Which color kitty/bear am I going to sport? I'm really digging the black colored version of both, because I think it will be harder to discern the nuances of its movement but the white/polar version does lend itself to a 'louder' fashion statement.

Such a dilemma!

Check them out on www.mmo-champion.com

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